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Friesian Horse Association of Southern Africa (FPSSA)

The FPSSA, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to both promote and preserve the beautiful Friesian horse through strict registration standards.
The FPSSA is the only studbook in South Africa recognised by the Het Friesch Paarden Stamboek (FPS) for the registration of purebred Friesian Horses; the FPSSA is also a member of the World Friesian Horse Organisation (WFHO), which is the controlling body of all foreign Friesian Associations Worldwide. read more...



HOY 2015 16th                                                                                   22nd Feb 2015
Special General Meeting                                                                 19th Feb 2015 @ 17h00
Annual FPSSA Judging                                                                    22nd Feb- 28th Feb 2015
Horse and Wine Show                                                                      6th April 2015
FPSSA National Show & Judging                                                  End Oct 2015
including rounds 1 & 2 of the Stallion Judging

Please note that the Oct judging is a secondary judging with a limited number of horse being judge. Our main judging will remain in FEB/ MARCH of each year
It is important to plan your breeding programme to fit in with the shows you would like to attend and the Annual Judging.


Important Info

HOY Schedule 2015 (closing date 19th Jan 2015)
Annual Judging Application 2015 (closing date 12th Jan 2015)
Notice/Agenda Special General Meeting 2015 (19th Feb 2015)
Special General Meeting Letter 2015 (Pls Read)
Nomination Form
Fees 2015
FPSSA Code of Conduct
Proxy Form
IBOP General Rules and Info 2015
IBOP Ridden 2015
IBOP Driven 2015 (see change on point 7)

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